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Earn and work on
your own schedule

Get paid for showing homes, conducting walkthroughs, and more as an Associate Agent contractor.

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Doorstead’s Associate Agent Program

Set your own schedule

You have complete control over which jobs you accept.

Earn extra money

Get paid for jobs that you complete during your downtime.

Build your career

Hone your skills, meet customers and learn more about the industry.

How it works

Apply online

Applying takes less than 3 minutes. You must be a licensed real estate agent or certified home inspector to apply.

Complete onboarding

Complete an exercise to get familiar with our processes and tools.  Once your exercise is reviewed, you’ll be provided onboarding material and you can start receiving jobs.

Receive job requests

Receive job requests via Slack/SMS and decide which jobs you’d like to accept. You have complete control over your own schedule.

Conduct jobs and get paid

You’ll start receiving payments twice a month for completed jobs.

Earn up to $150 per job

Get paid for completing showings, rental inspection, walkthroughs and more.  Since each assignment varies by size of home and type of job, we make sure you get paid a competitive rate for the work you complete.

See chart for average payout amounts by job type.

Average payout by job type

Annual Inspection

Great way to network as I am a Realtor as well. Working with Doorstead has great flexibility.

Chris A.

Doorstead Associate Agent

I love homes and real estate. There is something amazing about showing someone a place where they are going to call home and share memories.

Mariel M.
Doorstead Associate Agent
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Let’s get started!

A real estate license or home inspection certification is required. We are looking for agents in California and Seattle, WA.

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