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Habitability refers to the suitability of a dwelling or living space for human habitation. In general, a dwelling is considered habitable if it meets certain standards of safety, cleanliness, and basic amenities such as electricity, heat, and running water.

In the context of rental properties, habitability is an important legal concept that protects tenants from landlords who fail to maintain their properties in a safe and livable condition. Landlords are required to ensure that their properties meet certain habitability standards, such as having functioning electrical and plumbing systems, and being free from pests, mold, and other hazards. If a landlord fails to maintain the property and it becomes uninhabitable, tenants may be able to terminate their lease or seek damages from the landlord.

In some jurisdictions, there are also minimum habitability standards that apply to all residential dwellings, regardless of whether they are being rented or owned. These standards are typically established by local building codes or housing regulations and may include requirements for things like minimum square footage, proper ventilation, and the presence of certain amenities.