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Property management

Traditional service FAQ's

How does Doorstead Traditional work?

We suggest starting at the highest end of our price range recommendation, based on data from properties in the area. After listing, we may make adjustments based on market demand, and your input, to secure the highest rental income for you.

What’s included?

Full-service property management. We take care of everything from getting your property rent-ready, taking high definition photos of your property for listing, conducting showings, screening applicants, selecting a qualified tenant, moving our tenant in, servicing our tenant, performing regular property inspections, handling maintenance requests, renewing leases, and more.

How do payments work?

Your rent payments are initiated on the 8th of every month via ACH, and you should receive the payments 2-3 business days later depending on your bank transfer time.

What are your fees?

Doorstead charges a 6% monthly Management Fee for traditional contracts. There is also a Leasing Fee that is 50% of the first months rent.

How will you market my property to prospective tenants?

We take high-quality photos and a create 3D walkthrough of your property. We then list your property on the top rental sites, manage on-demand showings, screen tenants, and select the best, qualified tenant for your property.

How long are your tenant leases?

Our tenants leases are one-year long.

How do you qualify and select tenants?

After conducting showings, we qualify and select tenants in accordance with our guidelines in addition to the Fair Housing Act. Once a tenant has been selected, we manage the lease signing process and take care of moving in the tenant.

Can I source my own tenant?

We take care of finding a tenant for you in accordance with Fair Housing laws and other city and state regulations so there is no need to source your own tenant. We also have a strict screening process in order to ensure the tenant we select is qualified.

How can I get my property Rent Ready and listed ASAP using your vendors?

Once your Key Pick-Up and Initial Evaluation has been completed, your Homes Team Property Specialist will create a custom repair list for your property and send it to you for review within a few days. Please review and submit your response as soon as possible to avoid delays.

If you have selected "Yes" for all repairs, we will work on getting you market-competitive estimates for the work to be completed. You then get the opportunity to review and approve those quotes before we move forward scheduling work. Responding quickly ensures we schedule the vendor’s next availability.

When work is completed we will have a Doorstead field associate quality assure all work completed, whether it was done by you, your vendor or our vendor. We will have professional photographs and a 3D tour completed and list your property on high-performing sites. There is an 8% management fee for rent-ready repairs.

Can I use my own vendor for Rent Ready repairs?

You are welcome to use and manage your owner vendor throughout the Rent Ready repair process. We can provide you an easy-to-follow repair list and we will quality assure the work when it’s complete, just like we do our vendors. If you would like to use our vetted, in-network vendors we can assist by managing the repairs process on your behalf, quality assuring the work and providing you with regular updates. There is a DIY fee if you use your own vendor instead of ours.

How is the process different if I use my vendors?

If you have selected DIY for all repairs on your initial list review, we will create a DIY Repair List for you and/or your preferred vendor to upload photos, notes, and mark each repair as complete as you work through the repairs. When all DIY work is completed we will have a Doorstead field associate quality assure all work. There is a DIY fee if you use your own vendor instead of ours.

How are maintenance requests handled?

The tenant reaches out to us for maintenance requests through our online portal. Our team triages the maintenance request to determine if the issue can be resolved with simple self-repair instructions. If a vendor is needed, we'll use our approved vendor network to perform the repair. For any repairs that are above your maintenance cost threshold, we will contact you for approval before the repair is made unless it is an emergency. There is an 8% management fee for repairs/maintenance.