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Property Management

Guaranteed rent in days

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Example: $3,500/mo starting in 29 days

A Tenant in Every Home

Reduce economic waste and eliminate unnecessary vacancies with a tenant in every home.

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Our Story

Inspired by their time at Uber, the power of service guarantees, and experiences with property managers, Ryan and Jenn set out to create a new class of property management that eliminates the headache of being overpromised rent and having to sell their home due to extended vacancies.

Utilizing advanced machine-learning techniques, the founders created a new type of property management with an upfront rental guarantee to reduce risk for property owners. Not only was this possible, it resulted in property owners increasing their profit through reduced vacancies.

Our Beliefs

Doorstead is built on and will always be driven by these six beliefs.

Tech Operations

The future is full of tech-operations companies that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds using distributed workforces, augmentation, and automation.

Data Systems

We believe two-way data systems allow companies to streamline processes, reduce overhead, and create products that are cheaper, faster, and better.

First Principles

We believe new systems can be completely redesigned from the ground up which allow for a more effective customer experience.

Consistent Quality

We believe that top brands are defined by having consistent, quality experiences.

Service Guarantee

We believe that the property management industry can be completely transformed by a guarantee.


We believe in moving fast, being scrappy, and doing whatever it takes to solve problems.

The Team

We’ve built a world-class team from Uber, Opendoor, and Unison.

Our Investors & Advisors

Our investors and advisors are pioneers in real-estate, finance, product, and tech operations.

Clear Expectations from Day One

With Doorstead’s upfront rental guarantee, you’ll always receive your minimum guarantee each month. If your property rents out for more, we’ll even bump up your payment.

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