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Doorstead leasing and tenant application FAQs

Renting a home
Doorstead leasing and tenant application FAQs
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Welcome to Doorstead's frequently asked questions on leasing and tenant applications.

Thank you for considering Doorstead for your housing needs! 

Below, you'll find answers to commonly asked questions that cover our showing process, application procedures, securing a home, and more. We value transparency and efficiency in providing you with the information you need.

If you have additional questions, the best way to contact us is to email us at [email protected]  or review our Doorstead Statement of Rental Policy.  


How do I schedule a showing?

  • Upon submitting your inquiry via a listing website (such as Zillow), we'll send a scheduling form to you via email.

Who can answer questions after I view the property?

How do I apply after the showing?

  • An application link will be sent via email or text after your showing concludes. 
  • We require that all applicants view their potential home before applying. 

Application process

How much does it cost to apply?

  • We have a platform fee of $45 and it is non-refundable (CA & WA only)

How long is the application process?

  • Allow 24-48 hours for thorough review; applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Who should fill out the application form?

  • All occupants aged 18 and above. We can only move forward with an applicant group if all adults submit an application. 

What do I need to qualify? 

  • Income: Combined gross income of 3x rent
  • Credit Score: Average Score of 650 or above 
  • Lease start date: Preference is given to the earliest start dates (except Seattle)
  • Background check: Pass a criminal background check (where permitted by law)

Do I need to submit all of the documentation?

  • Yes, please include all the requested information in your application. 
  • Screenshots of documents will not be accepted. 
  • A lack of proper documentation is the most common reason for delay in the application process. 

What is a guarantor?

  • Distinct from a "co-signer," this is an individual who assumes immediate and full responsibility for rental payments in the event that the leaseholder is unable to make them.
  • To fulfill this role, the Guarantor must complete an application and obtain approval. 
  • To qualify as a Guarantor, they must;
  • Make 5x the monthly rent
  • Meet the minimum credit requirements, and 
  • Reside in the United States. 
  • Once approved, the Guarantor will sign an addendum to the primary lease agreement.  

What could cause my application to be denied?

  • The most common denial reasons include;
  • Credit score and/or income do not meet our minimum qualifications
  • Rental industry-related collections (ie. Utilities or past due rent collections)
  • Negative criminal history (where permitted by law)
  • Eviction filings within the past 36 months 
  • Applicants that are denied will be notified via email. 

I have a low credit score, what can I do?

  • If you find yourself to be below our rental qualifications, please inquire about adding a guarantor, or co-applicant.
  • For CA or MA Only: Another alternative is to require a higher deposit of up to 2 times the monthly rent. 
  • For information about our leasing process and criteria, please view our Doorstead Statement of Rental Policy.

Do you accept Section 8 or Housing Vouchers?

  • Yes, if approved, the process may take up to 30 days based on the Housing Authority timeline. 
  • All applicants must meet our income qualification requirements.

I am an International prospect with no US credit history, can I still apply?

  • Yes, we allow international prospects to apply. We may require a higher security deposit. 

What if the applicant doesn’t have an SSN yet?

  • Individuals without a SSN are still eligible to apply.

Securing a home

What happens once my application is approved?

  • Our team initiates lease preparation; you will have 24 to 48 hours to review, sign, and submit the lease. 
  • Please be aware that failure to complete these actions within the designated time frame may lead to the cancellation of your application.
  • Submitting the security deposit is a very important step, don’t forget it. 
  • We do not allow tenants to move into a home without the security deposit clearing our bank account.
  • When do I receive the keys to my new home?
  • Keys will be available on the lease commencement date as per your signed agreement.
  • We’ll send you an email with instructions at 6 am on your move-in day. 
  • Key handoff may be delayed if the security deposit has not been received. 

How do I pay for the security deposit? 

  • Prospective tenants will have a link sent to their email to submit the security deposit. 
  • Payments typically take 48 hours to post to Doorstead’s bank account once payment has been initiated. 
  • However, that timeline can be extended by an additional day if payments are initiated late in the day on Friday after the ACH cutoff (10 pm EST).
  • If the payment of rent has not been received and posted to Doorstead’s bank account, we may need to delay your move-in date. 

Common questions

Are pets allowed?

  • Pets are considered; it will depend on the unit. Please check the property advertisement for details.  
  • As per FHA guidelines, we will consider service and emotional support animals with proper documentation. 
  • If relevant, a pet deposit of $500 per pet will be required. 
  • For properties in Washington, the pet deposit is set at 25% of the monthly rent.

How many people can occupy a unit?

  • Twice the number of bedrooms plus one.
  • For example, a 3-bedroom home could have up to 7 total residents (3 bedrooms x2) + 1 = 7. 

How much is the security deposit?

  • The minimum deposit amount equals one month’s rent.
  • An increased security deposit may apply to applicants approved with conditions or renters who require a guarantor.
  • Doorstead applies a pet deposit for each pet that will live in the home. 

Additional items

Do you accept short-term leases?

  • Typically no, a minimum 12-month lease is required on a majority of our homes.
  • Some homes may accept a 6-month lease, but this will be stated in the listing advertisement.
  • If this is not explicitly stated, we default to a 12-month lease. 

Do you accept a Corporate Lease? Can my employer pay for my rent or security deposit? 

  • We do not currently accommodate corporate leases from a business. 
  • Personal applications can be accepted with employer payments.

How much will the utilities be? 

  • This can vary based on occupants and usage. We will be unable to provide a specific quote for that home unless stated in the listing advertisement. 

Does Doorstead allow Airbnb rentals in the homes?

  • This is against the Doorstead lease and is not allowed at this time. 

For further details, refer to Doorstead’s Statement of Rental Policy.

Thank you for choosing Doorstead. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to finding your new home.

Ally Gong
Ally Gong
Content Specialist

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