Protect your rental income with guaranteed rent

Guaranteed rent, ultimate peace of mind. We protect you from the biggest headaches of property management.
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With the Guarantee, you get paid even if:
Late tenant payment
Home is vacant
Example:Collecting $3500/mo starting in 28 days

Unlock peace of mind with the Doorstead Guarantee

A hassle-free property management experience with guaranteed rental income

Unlock peace of mind with the Doorstead Guarantee

Provides a hassle-free property management experience with guaranteed rental income.

Income on time, every time

Doorstead spends more than $1 million annually in covering owner’s vacancy costs and late tenant payments.

Maximize income potential

The majority of Doorstead homes are rented at a price that exceeds the Guaranteed Rent by an average of $424.

Risk and fraud protection

We employ top-tier verification software and a dedicated fraud detection team to protect every one of our homes from fraud.

Doorstead Guarantee is a game-changer in the property management industry.

Eliminate financial uncertainty. Get guaranteed rental income every month, regardless of the tenant payment or vacancy
Other property management companies
On-time payments, even if tenant pays late
Rent paid to you, even if tenant doesn't pay
Rental income continues during vacancies
Protection against rental fraud
Eviction protection
Guaranteed Rent Payments
Enjoy worry-free renting with guaranteed rental payments with protection against late payments, evictions, and early tenant departures.  You get paid no matter what.
Optimized Pricing Strategy
Our AI-powered pricing maximizes your revenue by ensuring your home rents out quickly at the optimal market price. Doorstead owners typically earn an additional $1,600 per year compared to other property managers.
Comprehensive Fraud Prevention
We prioritize your home's security by employing top-tier verification software and a dedicated fraud detection team to screen every tenant application meticulously.
Local Expertise, 
Lower Costs
Our local real estate agents and repair technicians provide exceptional service while keeping costs low, resulting in savings for you through lower fees.
Faster Leasing Process
We lease homes 57% faster than the industry average. Our expert team crafts compelling listings with high-quality photos, ensuring your home stands out on the top 15 rental websites.
Full Eviction Protection
We cover eviction-related legal fees and costs up to $10K, offering financial security and peace of mind to property owners.

Delivering peace of mind

We streamline communication and significantly reduce the management overhead for our owners. This not only saves them valuable time, but also eliminates countless headaches associated with 
property management.
Eviction management
Expert marketing and listing
Professional property photoshoots
On-demand showings
Thorough tenant screening
Move-in / out walkthroughs
Rent collection and distribution
Annual inspections
Maintenance, rent-ready repairs, and cleanings
Tenant agreement
Doorstead handles all tenant interactions — from routine requests to midnight emergencies — saving you an average of 63 hassles a year. Let us worry, so you don't have to!

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence

Doorstead leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide expert market pricing to ensure properties rent out quickly while maximizing revenue.
Example offer:
With the Doorstead Guarantee, you win either way.  If your property rents above the guaranteed minimum, you keep the extra income. If it rents below, Doorstead pays the difference, ensuring you always receive the guaranteed monthly minimum rent.

Hear from happy Doorstead homeowners

I still give Doorstead 5 stars! They have done an excellent job of acting as as intermediate party between myself and my tenant, and they also handled the lease renewal, which my tenant graciously accepted. 2023 was a very smooth rental experience with Doorstead, and I do recommend considering them if you’re got a property in the area that you need to rent out!
Dave M
Update review on Feb 7, 2024
I’m very satisfied with services provided by the entire Doorstead team from the moment we connected. The owner portal is well designed, easing information exchange. Doorstead support team responded to my query very quickly. During property listing, I was already in overseas, property manager was very communicative and provided me update throughout the process, even during weekends. Within two weeks of listing, highly qualified tenants were found. within my desirable rent. I highly recommended Doorstead for a “no worries” rental experience.
Chor Tan
Update review on Dec 25, 2023

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