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Clear expectations from day one

You’ll always receive your baseline guarantee each month with Doorstead’s upfront rental guarantee. If your property rents out for more, we’ll even bump up your payment.

The Doorstead Guarantee process

Get a Doorstead offer
We let you know your guaranteed rental income and when your property will start generating rent.
Sign the agreement
Accept your guaranteed rental price by signing a simple contract. This is the minimum price we’ll pay you every month.
Make your property rent-ready
We’ll inspect your property, manage repairs and take photos to ensure your property earns the highest income.
List your property online
Once your property is rent-ready, your guarantee clock starts and we’ll place the best tenant for your home.
Receive your first payment
You’ll start receiving your guaranteed payments risk-free each month.

The Doorstead process

Request an offer to learn about our services
Eviction management
Expert marketing and listing
Professional property photoshoots
On-demand showings
Thorough tenant screening
Move-in / out walkthroughs
Rent collection and distribution
Annual inspections
Maintenance, rent-ready repairs, and cleanings
Tenant agreement
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