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Washington - Statement of Rental Policy

Application Process

Step 1. Tenant Application and Credit Check

All applicants 18 years of age or older who intend to be included on the tenant lease and whose qualifications would like to be considered must complete a tenant application and credit report.  Incomplete or falsified applications may be denied. 

Applicants should apply online through the Propertyware application link sent to them via email.  The cost to apply is $40 total per applicant, and application fees are non-refundable. The consumer agencies used are: Experian (P.O. Box 2103, Allen, TX 75013), and Equifax (P.O. Box 105873, Atlanta, GA 30374).

Step 2. Photo Identification and Proof of Income

Within the Propertyware application portal, applicants must upload (1) a copy of a valid government-issued photo identification, and (2) one of the following proofs of income:

  • For Salaried Applicants: Submit two most recent pay stubs.
  • For Applicants Starting New Job: Submit your offer letter signed by an authorized company official with the company letterhead stating your start date, title and salary.  Offer letter should be dated within 30 days of your rental application.
  • For Self-Employed Applicants: Submit your most recent W2 form, 1099 form, or your most recent income tax return. Please also submit your most recent bank statements for the last two months. 
  • For Applicants with Varied Income or Commission-Based Income: If your income is based on commission or your income varies month-to-month, please submit three months of your most recent pay stubs. 
  • For Additional Sources of Income: You may also submit documents to show additional income sources. Such documents are copies of the court order and awards letter for child support or alimony, copy of the earnings statement letter for SSI, disability, pension or retirement. You must also submit two most recent bank statements showing the amount of the deposit for any of these cases.

Step 3. Lease Start Date & Rental Price Confirmation

Applicants should submit their earliest lease start date and rental price confirmation to Doorstead’s leasing team via email:, or via text message: 415-275-6400.

Step 4. Additional Information (Only If Needed)

If needed, Doorstead may ask applicants for additional information and allow applicants 72 hours to provide this additional information.  Additional information may include:

  • Co-signer or Guarantor: If applicant does not meet minimum qualifications,a co-signer or guarantor could be added to the application so that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications.  A co-signer or guarantor must go through the same application process stated in Step 1 and 2. The co-signer or guarantor should have income greater than 5x the monthly rent or liquid assets greater than 80x the monthly rent, and a credit score of at least 650.
  • Savings: If applicant does not have enough income, applicants’ savings or liquid assets should be at least 80x the monthly rent.
  • Lease Start Date: If applicant’s desired lease start date does not meet minimum qualifications, we may ask applicant to confirm whether they can adjust their lease start date.

Please Note:
An application will not be considered finalized until you have completed all of the steps in this section, and all individual applications within a group must be received for the applicant group to be considered finalized. You have the right to request additional time such as for translation or a reasonable accommodation for a disability, or an alternative method of application and payment if needed.

Screening Criteria & Minimum Qualification

  • Income or Savings: Applicants’ household monthly income should be 3x the monthly rent amount, or applicants should have savings or liquid assets of at least 80x monthly rent. A combination of income and savings can be considered, and only verifiable sources of income and savings will be considered.
  • Credit Report: Credit report is required for all applicants with a preference for applicants who have a credit score of 650 or higher.  Negative credit items (such as charge-offs, unpaid debts, or a history of delinquent payments) may require an explanation from applicants and may be used to disqualify an application. 
  • Rental History: Applicants must be able to demonstrate a pattern of meeting their rental or mortgage obligations, leaving prior properties in good condition, not having a pattern of complaints from neighbors, and have no prior evictions.
  • References: Applicants will be asked to provide references from previous housing provider(s)  and previous employer(s) for a minimum of 12-24 months.  A rental application will not be considered complete without accurate reference names, phone numbers and email addresses for references.  Negative references or inability to successfully contact references may disqualify an application.
  • Lease Start Date: Applicants are strongly encouraged to start their lease within 14 days of their application date, and if unable to, may be disqualified.
  • Holding Deposit: If selected, applicants will be required to submit a holding deposit of 25% of the first month’s rent which will be applied to the applicant’s security deposit.  If applicants violate terms of the holding deposit agreement, the holding deposit may be forfeited.
  • Co-signer or Guarantor (optional): If applicant does not meet minimum income or savings qualification, Doorstead may ask applicant to include a co-signer or guarantor. A co-signer or guarantor must go through the same application process and should have 5x the monthly rent along with a 650+ credit score.

Selection Process & Lease Signing

  • Completed applications are reviewed one at a time, in chronological order.
  • Selected applicants will be required to pay a holding deposit of 25% of the first month’s rent which will be applied to the applicant’s security deposit upon move-in.
  • Selected applicants will be provided 48 hours to respond to our rental offer and put down their holding deposit.  After 48 hours, we may proceed screening the next applicant in line.
  • Tenant Leases will be sent to applicants via Docusign and signed electronically.  Applicants have 48 hours to review and sign the lease. 
  • Applicants who have been denied will receive a written statement explaining the reason why they have been denied.

Move-In Process and Costs

  • Security Deposit: Payment of security deposit will be made online via Propertyware.  Security deposit is due on or around the tenant’s move-in date once the move-in checklist has been completed and signed.  Security deposit will equal one month’s rent less the holding deposit and any other non-refundable fees paid.
  • First Month’s Rent: Payment of the first month’s rent will be made online via Propertyware and prorated based on the lease start date. First month’s rent is due on or around the tenant’s move-in date, once the move-in checklist has been completed and signed. 
    • Other Move-in Costs (only if applicable):
    • Refundable pet damage deposit
    • Non-Refundable HOA-mandated move-in fees and deposits
  • Rental Payments: Rental payments will be made online via Propertyware.  Rental payments are due on the 1st of the month.  
  • Please note that alternative methods of payment are available if requested.

    Non Discrimination Policy

    In compliance with State and Federal Housing Guidelines, Doorstead, Inc. and Doorstead WA LLC do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, familial status (family with a child under 18), source of income (ex. section 8 voucher), disability (mental and physical), medical condition, citizenship, primary language, immigration status, military/veteran status, age, criminal history for non-relevant convictions, and any arbitrary characteristics.