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Property management reimagined

Doorstead has the best data and leasing practices because we’re on the hook to deliver 100% of guaranteed rental income to you every month, even before a tenant is placed.

The Doorstead Guarantee

Transparency and peace-of-mind from day one.

Get a real offer
Get upfront rental pricing within 24 hours.

Vacancy cap
Know the date your property will start generating rent.

Guaranteed income
Get paid each and every month, no matter what.

Doorstead’s leasing and placement time is 57% faster than the industry average

Modern property management at your fingertips

Expert guidance with every plan. Plans to fit every need.

Doorstead Flex

Doorstead Flex is the ideal solution for homeowners seeking control and cost-efficiency. We offer an affordable 4% management fee and a user-friendly platform, allowing you to manage your property on your own terms.

Owner control

Doorstead Flex gives property owners enhanced control in management decisions like listing prices and tenant selection.

Quick listing and pre-leasing

Flex allows owners to publish their listing in days and offers pre-leasing while the property is occupied.

User-friendly platform

The Flex platform provides a seamless experience for property owners to manage onboarding and leasing via a dedicated portal.

* Available in California and Washington

Doorstead Guarantee

If you want to feel safe and relaxed about your property, choose Doorstead Guarantee. We promise you'll get your rent and we'll handle any evictions. It's the best option for a stress-free investment.

Guaranteed income

The Doorstead Guarantee ensures that you receive rental income every month, regardless of whether your property is vacant.

Pricing upside

We strive to optimize the return on your property. We will negotiate the rental price for you, aiming to maximize income and minimize vacancy loss.

Eviction protection

We cover eviction-related legal fees and costs up to $10K, offering financial security and peace of mind to property owners.

What our owners are saying about us

Full-service property management Doorstead
“I would highly recommend Doorstead to anyone looking for a modernized approach to managing a rental property.”
Ram F, a homeowner in San Francisco
Full-service property management Doorstead
“Doorstead’s screening process for prospective tenants ensured that we found the best family to move into our property”
Jay M, a homeowner in San Jose