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Tenant is a term used to describe a legal relationship between a landlord and a renter. A tenant is the person or party who rents or leases a property from a landlord. The relationship between a tenant and a landlord is governed by a rental agreement, also known as a lease. This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party and is legally binding.

A tenant is primarily responsible for paying rent to the landlord on time, as well as any associated fees. They must also maintain the property and keep it in good condition. Tenants are also responsible for keeping all of their utilities, including electricity and gas, up to date and paid. Tenants are also expected to follow all of the terms of their lease, such as abiding by quiet hours, and not leaving any pets or other animals on the property without the landlord's permission.

Tenants are also expected to abide by local, state, and federal laws, which may include restrictions on the number of people allowed to occupy the property, as well as prohibitions against subletting or assigning the lease. Tenants must respect their neighbors and be mindful of their noise levels, as well as any other restrictions set forth by the landlord.

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