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10 Landscaping tips to increase your property's value

Home improvement
10 Landscaping tips to increase your property's value
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Landscaping plays a vital role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a property and its overall value.

The term "curb appeal" refers to the initial impression your home and yard create when seen from the street.

Real estate experts emphasize the importance of curb appeal in determining a favorable selling price for your home. Multiple studies have shown a correlation between a strong curb appeal and an increase in sale prices ranging from 5% to 11%.

Curb appeal can also contribute to your or your tenant’s satisfaction, as enjoying your home's visual appeal brings joy.

A well-landscaped property stands out in a neighborhood and attracts potential renters and buyers. We’ve listed it as one of the top upgrades you can make to generate a return on investment (check out some other high ROI remodeling projects for the home and their projected value-adds.)

Here are ten landscaping tips that can elevate your property's appeal and approximately how much value they could add to your investment.

Plan Your Landscape Layout

A well-planned landscape not only enhances the curb appeal of your property but also increases its usability. By effectively utilizing space, creating designated areas for different activities, and ensuring a harmonious blend of hardscape and soft scaping, you can make your property more inviting and functional, attracting prospective tenants or buyers.

“A lot of people love privacy,” says John Krol, a top real estate agent in Naples, Florida, who sells homes 45% faster than the average area agent. “That’s what most buyers will comment on regarding landscaping.” Indeed, privacy has become one of the most sought-after features in a home, with 60% of high-end home buyers prioritizing it above any other feature, according to a study by YouGov.

  • Your landscaping should complement your home's architecture and style. Begin by sketching a plan of your property, including buildings, trees, and other permanent features.
  • Think about areas for entertaining, relaxing, or playing. Plan where to plant trees, create flower beds, or install water features.
  • According to Pacific Outdoor Living, real estate professionals suggest that making intelligent landscape design choices can result in an ROI ranging from 200% to 400%. However, determining an exact figure can be challenging as the return on investment (ROI) for landscaping projects can differ depending on the specific project.

Invest in Quality Turf

A well-maintained lawn is often the first thing people notice about a property. Quality turf provides a uniform and attractive look that suggests your property is well cared for. This boosts your home's aesthetic appeal and indicates to potential buyers or renters that the property has been well-maintained. Considering just financial costs, take into account: mowing, fertilizing, seeding, watering, and other tasks, including gardener fees.

  • Home Advisor shares that the average annual lawn maintenance costs for a natural grass lawn run between $100 to $500 per month or $1200 to $6000 per year.
  • The return on investment for artificial lawns can vary depending on the type of lawn and the installation process. According to SynLawn San Diego, most homeowners typically see a return on their investment in synthetic turf within 5 to 7 years.
  • Artificial turf usually lasts at least ten years; some can even endure up to 25 years. This return on investment is beneficial in terms of saving time and money for homeowners.
  • A lush, green lawn is always a hit. Consider using high-quality resilient turf that adapts well to your local climate.
  • Regularly mow and aerate your lawn to keep it healthy and attractive.

Plant Trees

Trees provide many benefits, from reducing cooling costs to supporting local wildlife. Moreover, mature trees are often viewed as an indicator of an established and desirable neighborhood. Studies have shown that properties with mature trees are often valued higher than similar properties without them.

Add Color with Flower Beds and Planters

Vibrant colors can make your property stand out and create a welcoming feel. Colorful flower beds and planters add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, making it more attractive to prospective tenants or buyers. This can increase competition for your property, potentially resulting in higher rental rates or sale prices.

  • Bright, colorful flowers are a quick way to add curb appeal.
  • According to Southern Landscaping Materials, investing a modest amount into landscaping upgrades, such as adding colorful flowers, can yield a substantial return on investment (ROI) of up to 150%.
  • It can also boost your home's resale value by 14%. This signifies a significant return in exchange for a relatively small investment of time, effort, and money.
  • Use planters to add color to patios, entryways, or any parts of the yard that need a boost.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces extend the usable space of your property, effectively increasing its square footage. Features like patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens offer additional areas for relaxation and entertainment, which are highly sought after by buyers and renters.

Incorporate Water Features

Water features like fountains or ponds add a unique element to your property, setting it apart from others on the market. They can create a sense of tranquility and luxury, a significant selling point. They may also attract a variety of wildlife, further enhancing the property's appeal.

  • Fountains, ponds, or waterfalls can provide a calming effect and impressive focal points.
  • Ensure these features look natural and blend well with the rest of your landscape.

Install Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property and provides an element of safety and security. Illuminating key features and areas can create a dramatic effect, while well-lit walkways and entrances provide safe navigation after dark. Both are attractive features to potential renters or buyers.

  • Landscape lighting improves the property's appearance and provides security.
  • Illuminate walkways, trees, or other critical features in your landscape.
  • Based on information from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), including landscape lighting can potentially increase your home value by $2,500. On average, homeowners can expect a 50% return on investment (ROI) for landscape lighting, although the actual results may vary based on the lighting type and associated expenses.
  • It is worth noting that LED lights typically offer the most significant benefits in terms of ROI.

Maintain Your Landscape Regularly

Regular maintenance preserves the beauty of your landscape and prevents small issues from becoming costly problems. A well-maintained landscape signals prospective buyers and renters that you care for your property, increasing their confidence in its quality.

Use Mulch in Your Plant Beds

Mulch provides a neat and finished look to plant beds. It also offers several gardening benefits, like retaining moisture and suppressing weeds. As it breaks down, organic mulch improves soil fertility, promoting the health of your plants and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

Consider Hiring a Professional Landscaper

A professional landscaper can help you achieve a high-quality, sustainable, and appealing landscape design. Their expertise can add significant value to your property, as they can select the right plants, design efficient irrigation systems, and ensure that your landscape looks attractive every season. They can also provide regular maintenance, ensuring your landscape looks its best.

  • If budget allows, a professional landscaper can help ensure your property looks its best and can provide expert advice on plant selection and maintenance.
  • Professional landscape design has the potential to yield a higher level of quality and a return on investment (ROI) of up to 150%.
  • While it is challenging to pinpoint an exact figure, true landscape design involves the expertise of a trained professional who creates a comprehensive plan to achieve goals such as maximizing your investment, establishing a tranquil or entertaining atmosphere, increasing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces, ensuring privacy from neighbors or traffic, and providing security for your family and pets.

At Doorstead, we're here to help partner with you on the property management side and help you maximize your experience as a homeowner or renter.  We’ve seen that investing time and resources into your property's landscape can yield significant returns.

From creating an outdoor living space to maintaining a lush, vibrant lawn, these landscaping tips can increase your property's aesthetic appeal and value.

Ally Gong
Ally Gong
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