Guaranteed rent. Guaranteed peace of mind.
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How does Doorstead work?

How does Doorstead work?
Income guaranteed even before we find your tenant
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Doorstead is a startup from the Bay Area. We are innovating property management and making the lives of thousands of homeowners and tenants across the United States much more stress-free and effortless. What exactly does working with Doorstead look like for you? We’ve put together a simple walkthrough of what sets our property management service apart.

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Doorstead optimizes for you

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned property management professional, there is a variety of shifting factors in the market and locational trends that can pose uncertainty. You might come into property management with an array of questions like the following:

  • How many days until I can receive the first payment on my property?
  • What if I don’t have the time or knowledge to properly manage all the details?
  • What if my monthly payments will change?
  • What if I can’t find a tenant to fill my property, or they move out without a replacement?
  • What if I don’t know how to list my property correctly and in the right places?
  • What if my tenants don’t pay me on time?

These are all common property management concerns that our proprietary system is designed to solve.

Optimization and creating win-win situations for people and the industry are at the heart of how we approach property management.

We serve a lot of customers who don’t have an extensive background in property management, and who have full lives, families, careers, and personal interests. We know that not everyone has time for everything, so we take the hassle of property management off your hands while delivering the best for you - profit, clear communications, stellar listings, and win-win solutions for your unique property.

We’re a mix between insurance and a product warranty. We’re a service guarantee.

Technology-operations driven efficiency

Doorstead solves a key problem in the real estate market by bringing a service guarantee to the unpredictable and oftentimes rapidly-shifting field of property management. By guaranteeing accurate rent and reducing vacancies, we help homeowners increase profits and help renters find high-quality homes they love.

We did this by assembling a unique and service-driven team with realms of knowledge across property management, customer service, technology, and operations. Technology and people-driven systems enable us to maximize your profile, pay you regardless of vacancies, and manage the day-to-day tasks of full-service property management.

If your property rents out at a higher price than our guaranteed rent, you get paid at the higher rent and pocket the extra income. If your property rents out at a lower price than the guaranteed rent, you’ll still get paid the guaranteed rent. We’re a service guarantee.

By bringing a strong set of technology-operations principles and systems to the world of property management, we’re able to bring the best value and service to our homeowners, tenants, and communities.

rental guarantee

Professionalism and care for our customers

Doorstead takes all the detailed and intermediary tasks off of your hands. As a top-choice property management company in leading real estate markets in America, our patent-pending pricing system compares millions of rental points to help get great renters in your home quickly. By reducing vacant days by an average of 23 days compared to the national market average, we are able to consistently get homeowners 6% more annual income from their rental properties.

We help you set up the best contract price and start date, give you all the instructions you need for property preparations (our team does the rest), and stay in communication about the necessities over text, email, and phone. Our dedicated team makes sure we communicate the necessary information to you for decision-making. We collaboratively drive the project to make sure everything is completed on time and running smoothly under our property standards. This level of service and attention to detail is appreciated by our customers and is key to the Doorstead experience.

“When working with property management companies, leadership is extremely important. I’ve worked with other property management companies and everything was very rush-rush, I didn’t feel like I got the whole picture. With Doorstead, the response time, communication, and level of specification has been outstanding. I appreciate the total professionalism and level of commitment to my satisfaction that I’ve experienced since working with Doorstead. I haven’t come across anyone on the team being defensive and everyone I’ve interfaced with is very conscientious.” -One of our long-time homeowners, Cher, in Oakland. Read more Doorstead customer case studies.

Step-by-step for owners

  1. Enter your property address for a property evaluation and immediate pricing estimate. Please note that not all properties will be eligible for our property management services.
  2. We will determine if your property is eligible for our Guarantee or Traditional Service.
  3. We will send you a Doorstead offer, which is a personalized placement plan with data-driven analysis on your fastest listing date and Target Listing Price. We take either a 6% or 8% management fee depending on your contract type in exchange for covering all risk.
  4. Sign the contract and review our property requirements.
  5. We conduct a property inspection and manage any cleaning and repairs needed to get your property ready to rent by the Rent Ready date. We then list and market your property and onboard the best tenants.
  6. You’ll gain access to an online owner portal, where you can oversee all activity and view your financial statements and documents. We manage all maintenance and repairs.
property onboarding

Step-by-step for renters

  1. Find a property listing that you’re interested in and connect with Doorstead.
  2. Our Doorstead Field agents will connect with you and schedule a showing for the listing.
  3. Sign our tenant’s contract. Our team communicates with you via text message, email, and phone.
  4. You will receive access to an online Tenant Portal where you can pay rent and place maintenance requests.
  5. We will handle all payments, repairs, maintenance, and communications between you and the owner.

Day one benefits of working with Doorstead

The immediate benefits of signing up with Doorstead are:

  1. Guaranteed timeline and profit
       You receive a minimum rent guarantee each month with no downside. We cover any potential costs of evictions or vacancies so there is no risk for you.
  2. Clear expectations and instructions to guide you through each step
      Our service teams are there to provide resources, instructions and communications every step of the way. Regardless of your experience in property management, we will make the process as simple and streamlined as we can to benefit you.
  3. Flexibility in choosing to work with our vendors and contractors, or to bring in your own.
       We partner with responsible and high-quality vendors in each community to ensure great pricing and results. We will propose different options and our recommendations, but you are always free to opt-out and use your own preferred vendors and contractors instead.
  4. One layer of separation between the homeowner-tenant relationship.
       1Home is a personal concept and it can create potentially stressful communications or relationship management between unique people. Doorstead takes on the work of communications so that both parties can relax and maintain an objective take on all circumstances that may arise.

Two Types of Contracts

Doorstead has two types of property contracts: Guaranteed and Traditional.

Most properties qualify for Doorstead Traditional. In this model, we’ll suggest data-optimized pricing, and you can pick your price after seeing our recommendations. We’ll get your property ready, place ads and listings online, and screen and onboard your tenants. We handle all ongoing property issues and also can take care of repairs using our network of approved vendors. The Traditional model charges a 6% monthly management fee and a 50% tenant placement fee.

Properties that qualify for the Doorstead Guarantee are given the option to select this model instead of the Traditional model. We pick the price and you’ll know your minimum rent income and payment start date right away. We negotiate your rental price for you and if we can beat our original guarantee price, you get more income. You get paid every month, no matter what. You also get $10,000 of damage and eviction protections.  The Guarantee model typically charges an 8% monthly management fee and a performance-based tenant placement fee.

If you have any questions, please read our guide to the Doorstead Guarantee. Our team can discuss the details of each contract option over the phone if you have additional questions. Regardless of which property management contract you go with, we’ll take care of your property as if it was our own.

Unique service and hustle

Our trusted homeowners and tenants love the Doorstead experience. We always value transparency, education about the market, and enabling our customers with an array of options to choose from when it comes to their property. We not only give you our suggested option, but we’ll let you know a range of options varying in price, efficiency, and market value. Learn more about Doorstead's founding mission and values here.

We do property management best and we’d love to take it off of your hands. That way, you can do what you do the best and not worry about the day-to-day details of taking care and maintenance. Schedule a call with us to speak about your property and we’ll deliver transparency and peace of mind for managing your home.

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Ally Gong
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