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Doorstead customer testimonials

Doorstead customer testimonials
Ally Gong
Content Specialist
August 26, 2022

Why people love Doorstead

Doorstead brings you the best of full-service property management. We believe a guarantee is better than a promise and we use data and lean operations to guarantee your property’s monthly rent and start date upfront. This aligns our incentives and brings you the maximum results while simultaneously eliminating risk.

Hear about the tenant experience

Sam is a hardworking dad dedicated his kids and his local  community. He loves going hiking on the weekends, getting dinner with his family at local restaurants, and volunteering at a nearby temple. He’s been working in the IT industry for over 30 years and has a few real estate investments. Recently, he’s been working with Doorstead to rent a house for his son and a group of friends attending college in San Diego.

From our renter, Sam, in Carlsbad  

“I usually look for how good a product is, how good the customer service is, and also look to make sure the company is aligns with my values before working with them. I came to know about Doorstead through the application I submitted for my son in college through Zillow. The market around UCSD is hot, and Doorstead’s listing looked more organized compared to other listings. We were immediately able to get a link to the application and tour on the same day we expressed interest. It was helpful to have that quick turnaround and be able to see a prompt response from someone. Another valuable tool that Doorstead provided was the online tenant portal. Once you become a tenant or customer, you can see all information relevant to your property and communications on an online portal and it’s nice to have everything in one place.”

Blake is a medical student in her late twenties who recently moved to Northern California. She’s currently studying public health and working as a consultant on public health projects in San Diego. In her free time outside of class and work, she loves to cook, bake, bike and go hiking.

From our renter, Blake, in San Diego

“When I first moved to San Diego, I was looking for a new apartment and found the Doorstead listing on Zillow. I spent around half an hour researching and then connected with an agent and was able to get the process started immediately from there. I was relieved to experience working with a company that is professionally managed with a super responsive customer service team. Coming to California for the first time from the East Coast, I was initially concerned about running into potential housing scams. Doorstead had a very fast turnaround, from helping me tour the apartment unit to signing my lease.”

Why our owners love Doorstead

Bill is a hotel events manager based in San Francisco. Bill essentially started seeking out property managers for his investment properties in Northern California as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He decided he would start by renting his own place out, which was very difficult at first because no one was going anywhere. He’d talked to another property management company first, and they didn’t want to take on new clients at the time.

From our owner, Bill, in San Francisco

“Doorstead was welcome to taking on new clients in an uncertain economic time and that was encouraging to me. They had the faith that they can find tenants to fill in the worst times and that’s how I decided to begin working with Doorstead.”

In the process of working with Doorstead, Bill discovered Doorstead’s property management service was well customized to his busy schedule and needs.

“Doorstead’s owner team is invaluable to me. They seem to always come to me with the answers before I have to make any kind of decision regarding my property. After they present me a list of thorough options and selections, I can develop on that more, and I think it’s a great attribute. I also appreciate the timeliness in Doorstead’s responses. The responses are fast and the same can be said for their maintenance team turnaround. The maintenance team has really been pretty spot on and easy to work with. For example, when my microwave needed to be replaced, the maintenance team gave me a ‘good, better, and best’ solution for me to make the final decision on. Doorstead is a fantastic resource for renting a property and also handling all the day-to-day property needs that come with it.”

We free up the day-to-day communications and operations so that our customers like Bill can enjoy their time doing the things they love, like skiing at his Tahoe residence on the weekends.


Cher is a semi-retired clinical nurse specialist at UCSF. Cher is an active member of the Oakland community and often invests back into the small businesses and restaurants in her neighborhood. She enjoys gardening, designing, and doing creative things in her free time. She loves looking into beautiful art and architecture and recently had fun remodeling her home. She discovered Doorstead after looking online for a management company to replace her previous management company that didn’t feel like the best fit.

From our owner, Cher, in Oakland

“I learned that both my customer service representative and I were both UC alumni. I liked Doorstead’s online profile as well as the initial feeling I got from that phone conversation. I can assess a good fit pretty quickly having managed family properties for a while. Since working with Doorstead, I really appreciate the responsiveness from both the Doorstead team and the tenants that they selected for me. All of the tenants that we have had paid on time and have been very detail oriented. Doorstead is also very detail oriented which aligns perfectly with my values and how I prefer to work. Overall, the team has been very thoughtful and attentive.
When working with property management companies, leadership is extremely important. I’ve worked with other property management companies and everything was very rush-rush, I didn’t feel like I got the whole picture. With Doorstead, the response time, communication, and level of specification has been outstanding. I appreciate the total professionalism and level of commitment to my satisfaction that I’ve experienced since working with Doorstead. I haven’t come across anyone on the team being very defensive and everyone I’ve interfaced with is very conscientious.”

By taking the interpersonal and relationship management aspects off of Cher’s hands for several of her properties, we helped her free up more time to do the things she enjoys, like enjoying her neighborhood with her husband and gardening.

“One of the biggest challenges for me in property management is not taking my tenant relationships personally. I have a hard time interfacing with tenants on some of their demands and having the professional buffer of Doorstead’s team has been very helpful. I don’t need to collect money directly from my tenants anymore while still having my property utilized by great tenants. Doorstead’s management service has given me the best of both worlds.”

Optimization and creating win-win situations for people and the industry are at the heart of how we approach property management.

We serve a lot of customers who don’t have an extensive background in property management, and who have full lives, families, careers, and personal interests. We know that not everyone has time for everything, so we take the hassle of property management off your hands while delivering the best for you - profit, clear communications, stellar listings, and win-win solutions for your unique property.

If you have any questions, our team is happy to evaluate your property and speak to you about the options we recommend. We’re here to help.

Ally Gong
Ally Gong
Content Specialist

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