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How to apply to be a Doorstead-partnered vendor

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How to apply to be a Doorstead-partnered vendor
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If you're an independent vendor looking for more business, Doorstead may be your perfect property management partner. We are a leading proptech company operating in many markets in California and recently expanded to Seattle, Washington. We are always looking to partner with passionate and expert vendors. This blog post will outline the process of applying to become a Doorstead-partnered vendor, the benefits of partnering with us, and whom to contact with questions. If you already know you'd be a great independent contractor on Doorstead's team, you can start the online application process now:

Why partner with Doorstead as a vendor?

Doorstead is one of the fastest-growing property managers in the U.S. We are leveraging big data and operations technology to transform the $50B+ property management industry. We're pioneering a new class of lower-risk property management by providing landlords with guaranteed rental income, regardless of occupancy.

Doorstead vendor network includes large and small companies of all trades (e.g., handypersons, general contractors, HVAC, electricians, plumbers, house cleaners, and more) who grow their business as we grow.

Our vendor network is critical to our success, and having great relationships with vendors who share our vision for property management benefits all parties.

What are the benefits of becoming a Doorstead vendor?

  • Get paid quicker Payment after completion of work is paid within 7-10 days through Most servicing and property management payment terms are 30-45 days (Net 30) after the completion of a project.
  • Consistent work As we grow and add properties to our portfolio, projects become more consistent and provide our vendors with a steady flow of jobs. In San Francisco, for example, our vendors currently complete over 30 property turns and 600 maintenance requests monthly.
  • Make more money. Supplement your income with additional property renovation and maintenance work by becoming a vendor for Doorstead. We typically pay at above-market rates and payout faster.
  • Grow with us. If vendors do a great job, homeowners typically refer them to their friends and networks. The better vendors do, the more work they get in the area. We are currently and rapidly expanding throughout the country, allowing you to expand your workforce locally, grow your business to new clients, and enter new markets. 
  • Responsive vendor support team. Our vendor support team is incredibly supportive and wants to help you consistently succeed in your business. They are your go-to on questions about invoices and work order requests received from project managers. Our vendor support team is consistent and very responsive, so someone is always available to advise, answer questions promptly, and provide general guidance.
  • Vendor tools. We've built internal tools that vendors can easily access on their desktops or mobile phones. We launched a new estimate tool for work orders, making it easier for vendors to submit estimates to our homes team for approval. Estimates are approved by project managers in typically 24-48 hours.

What vendors like about working with Doorstead

I'm already using and benefiting from our newly improved estimate tool and punch list tools.

-Selene at Solution Home Cleaning

It's easy working with Doorstead's homes and maintenance teams. They're available to talk when we have any questions. They are very professional and on time with payments, and we enjoy working with Doorstead.

-Silvio Skraba at Skraba Handyman in the Bay Area

Easy to work with Doorstead. Their communication is great, and we can reach them 24/7. Any issues we have, they resolve immediately. Doorstead is our #1 client!

-Jaymie Tumaliuan at Spotlight Photography in the Bay Area

Meet our National Vendor Manager

Frank Castillo

National Vendor Manager

[email protected] 

Talk to Frank, our National Vendor Manager


Frank Castillo is the National Vendor Manager at Doorstead and has fifteen years of experience in vendor management for real estate and tech. He's originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, and before joining Doorstead, he worked as a vendor manager at Facebook, Google, and Opendoor.

Frank was excited to get back into proptech when he joined Doorstead because he knew it would be challenging to make them the number one automated property management platform in America. Frank has been a vendor manager since Doorstead's beginning. In past years, he expanded his responsibilities to include helping great vendors get on board, getting estimates, and working more efficiently by setting up foundational systems.

With the help of his teammates, Frank is helping us move steadily in the right direction. He looks forward to seeing where this journey takes the Doorstead team!

Frank has been married to his wife Maria for the past twenty years, and they have three children together. They reside in Sacramento, California, where he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family when he's not working.

Doorstead's application and onboarding process

Please make sure you have these documentation requirements before applying here:

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance + General Liability insurance
  • W-9
  • Business License (if applicable) 


Onboarding guide for vendors

Doorstead will email a Vendor Onboarding Guide to you after you submit your initial application.

After reviewing, you can indicate interest in continuing via email.

Vendor Welcome Package

The Vendor Welcome Package is a list that outlines our vendor documentation requirements. Doorstead will email this list to you. We prefer that you submit requirements over email, but you can also contact us over the phone for questions. 

Once all your documentation is submitted, the onboarding is complete. You will receive email notifications of relevant jobs in your area and can request the job directly through email.

Next steps

Our vendors fulfill a variety of jobs and tasks, including rent-ready repairs, turnover repairs, deep cleaning, plumbing, electrical work, maintenance, and lockouts.

We are looking for vendors of all trades in the following areas:

San Francisco Bay Area: Southbay, Eastbay, Northbay, Peninsula

Los Angeles County: Central, Westside, Southbay, Harbor

Orange County: Beach Cities, North and South Areas

San Diego County: North County, Central, South County

Greater Seattle Area: Shoreline, Lynnwood, Bellevue

Sacramento: Roseville, Elk Grove, Davis

Inland Empire: Riverside, Redlands, Chino

Know or worked with a vendor who would be perfect for this opportunity? Please share this article with them. Many of our partnerships come from referrals.

You can apply to become a vendor by filling out basic information here: Someone from our team will contact you soon.

Ally Gong
Ally Gong
Content Specialist

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