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Doorstead's Tenant Screening Process for Flex and Tenant Placement Only Services

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Doorstead's Tenant Screening Process for Flex and Tenant Placement Only Services
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At Doorstead, we understand that finding the right tenant is crucial for a successful rental experience. 

Our Flex and Tenant Placement Only services are designed to help property owners find high-quality tenants quickly and efficiently, while providing the level of control and involvement they desire. 

In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about our tenant screening process for Flex and Tenant Placement Only. 

Can property owners have control over tenant selection for Flex and/or Tenant Placement Only? 

We know that many property owners want to have a say in who rents their property. 

One key benefit of our Flex and Tenant Placement Only services is that property owners can be involved in the tenant selection process. 

While we handle the heavy lifting of marketing your property, conducting showings, and screening applicants, you remain in control of the final tenant selection. This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that you have chosen the perfect tenant who meets your specific criteria and preferences.

How do I review applicants and select tenants?

You’ll be notified (via text or email) when it’s time to review applicant pools along with their credit scores, income verification, background checks and more to aid your decision in selecting your ideal tenants.

For Flex: Owners can review this information and make the final decision on which tenant they feel is the best fit for their property. Then we’ll take it from there! This allows owners to have control over who rents their home while still benefiting from Doorstead's thorough screening process and expert guidance.

For Tenant Placement Only: Owners have the ability to review applicant information and select their preferred tenant. Once a tenant is selected, Doorstead will proceed with the lease signing process and then hand the tenant over to the owner for ongoing self-management.

How long does it take Doorstead to find a tenant? 

We understand that vacancies can be costly, and our goal is to find your ideal tenants as efficiently as possible. 

Our streamlined application process and comprehensive screening can be completed in just 1-2 days in most cases.

On average, our Flex and Tenant Placement Only owners can expect to have a qualified tenant placed within 2-4 weeks of listing their property with Doorstead. This quick turnaround time helps maximize your rental income and minimize the stress of prolonged vacancies.

By leveraging cutting-edge pricing technology and effective marketing strategies, we can typically fill vacancies 57% faster than the market average. 

How do you market my property and find interested tenants?

For both Flex and Tenant Placement Only properties, we create compelling listings with professional photos and syndicate them across 15+ top rental websites to ensure maximum visibility. 

Our data-driven pricing recommendations help attract high-quality tenants quickly. We handle all prospect inquiries, schedule showings, and conduct open houses to generate strong interest in your property.

Once applications are submitted from prospective tenants, our streamlined screening process allows us to identify qualified candidates rapidly, often within just 1-2 days.

Doorstead's Flex and Tenant Placement Only services provide a perfect balance of professional tenant placement and owner control. Our comprehensive screening process, advanced technology, and expert team work together to find high-quality tenants quickly while giving you the final say in who rents your property.

What are Doorstead’s Pre-Leasing Options for Flex and Tenant Placement Only? 

For owners who want to get a head start on finding a tenant while their property is still occupied, Doorstead offers pre-leasing options for both Flex and Tenant Placement Only properties. As long as you provide property photos, details, and consent from current occupants, we can list and show your property while it's still occupied.

This allows us to start generating interest and collecting applications even before your property is vacant, further reducing the time it takes to find a qualified tenant. Please note that for pre-leasing, owners will need to provide their own property photos, as we cannot take photos until the property is vacant.

What are your screening criteria for tenants?

Our rigorous tenant screening process is the foundation of our Flex and Tenant Placement Only services. We leverage advanced technology, expert teams, and strict qualifying criteria to find reliable, responsible tenants for your property. 

Here's an overview of our screening steps:

  1. Rental Application: Prospective tenants complete a detailed application providing employment, income, rental history and other key background information. 
  2. Identity Verification: We use top-tier verification software to confirm the applicant's identity and prevent fraud.
  3. Credit Check: We run a full credit report on each applicant to assess their financial responsibility and rent payment ability. Our minimum required credit score is 650.
  4. Income Verification: We contact the applicant's employer to verify their job status and confirm they meet our income requirement of at least 3x the monthly rent.
  5. Background Check: We conduct a thorough background screening where applicable. This includes review of criminal records, prior evictions, and other public records relevant to tenancy.
  6. Prior Landlord References: We contact the applicant's previous landlords to inquire about their rental history, on-time payments, and tenant behavior.

We treat all applicants equally, evaluating them only based on our predetermined qualifying criteria, such as credit, income, rental history, and background check results. These criteria help us identify tenants who are financially stable, responsible, and likely to pay rent on time and take good care of your property. 

If we do discover any red flags during an applicant's background check, our expert team carefully analyzes the full context and details to make an informed and lawful decision about their suitability as a tenant. You can learn more about our rigorous tenant screening and fraud prevention process in this article.

By thoroughly vetting each applicant against these strict criteria, Doorstead minimizes the risks of non-payment, property damage, and costly evictions down the line. In fact, our rigorous screening standards have resulted in eviction rates well below industry averages.

Doorstead's Flex and Tenant Placement Only services offer property owners a perfect balance of control, efficiency, and peace of mind when it comes to finding high-quality tenants. Our thorough screening process and expert marketing strategies ensure that you can quickly fill vacancies with reliable renters, while still having a say in the final tenant selection.

If you have any questions about our tenant screening process or would like to learn more about our Flex and Tenant Placement Only services, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. 

To learn or compare the tenant screening and selection process for Doorstead’s Guarantee service, visit this article. We're here to help you find the perfect tenant for your property and provide a stress-free rental experience. If you have any additional questions around the tenant screening process for Doorstead Flex or Tenant Placement Only, please reach out to our customer service team.

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