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Doorstead homes revealed: Doorstead's Rent-Ready process

How to rent out your home
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Doorstead homes revealed: Doorstead's Rent-Ready process
Income guaranteed even before we find your tenant
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At Doorstead, we take pride in helping our owners enhance their homes into the best condition possible to maximize their rental income. Every home in our portfolio is special. We want to ensure that home conditions are both legally habitable based on local regulations and appealing to tenants. On average, we have found that homes that go through the rent-ready process rent out for 10% more than their comparables on the market. 

As such, let's review the topic of home repairs and the rent-ready process. Renting out your home, whether it’s your first time or your fifth, can come with a lot of concerns and stress. We’re here to guide you through a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes to get your properties “rent-ready.”

What does "Rent-Ready" really mean?

In the simplest terms, Doorstead’s "rent-ready" process ensures a home is neat, safe, and ready for a tenant to live in comfortably. 

We evaluate your property, prepare a repairs list, get vendor quotes (you can also work with your own vendors), and help you manage the work through completion. Repairs are done to ensure safety, functionality, and habitability concerns are addressed. We also make sure main cosmetic concerns are in line with market standards to help you get great rental prices and monthly income. 

All repairs and cleaning must meet Doorstead standards before a property can be deemed rent-ready, and our team works tirelessly to ensure that we only partner with the highest quality and best value vendors to conduct any required maintenance. Once all work is done, Doorstead conducts a quality assurance to check that all work is done. We look at the basics: clean walls, functional appliances, sturdy floors, and a safe environment because that’s what tenants want and need.

What do you gain?

Our primary goal is to increase the value of your home, in both the short term (when you’re renting out) and the long term (when you’re eventually selling). When your home has all the necessary qualities that renters are expecting in their homes, you’ll be able to generate more monthly rent even if it seems like you’re paying a lot out of pocket upfront. We’ve put together some research on just how much these remodels can bring you in return on investment: 7 remodeling projects for boosting your home’s value.

A peek into Doorstead’s Rent-Ready standards

Below are some real-life transformations of homes we’ve prepared for renting. No drama here, just genuine up-to-market upgrades and fixes we’ve applied. We never ask for anything unreasonable, and unlike other property management companies, we make zero profit from the maintenance process. This is designed to ensure to our customers that there is never a conflict of interest when you ask you to make certain repairs. You can also get your own quotes and select your own vendors. 

Below are some real Doorstead before and after showing some homes that have undergone the rent-ready process.

Guarantee homes- Before-after repairs

Traditional homes- Before-after repairs

Common repairs that we ask for when needed

Our go-to standards:

  • Pale monochromatic walls: A clean and neutral slate for tenants to make the place their own.
  • Quality floors: Ensuring they’re durable and look pleasant without breaking the bank. Good flooring is one of the first things tenants look for, and they are important for the longevity and market value of any property. 
  • Safety first: Prioritizing basic habitability and safety because that’s non-negotiable.

Reasons behind our approach

Let’s break down how we get from shaking hands (virtually or physically) to getting that rental income into your account:

  • Doorstead Offer: We kick things off by laying out your guaranteed rental income and timeline.
  • Prep your property: We look over, fix-up, and snap some photos of your place to maximize its market appeal. Rent-ready is the most collaborative stage of the process of working with Doorstead, and it happens right at the beginning. Your cooperation here is appreciated to get you steady monthly income for the rest of the year.
  • Online listing: Once it’s ready, we list your property and your rental income guarantee kicks in.
  • First payment: Sit back and start seeing that direct deposit hits your account every month.

Learn more about how Doorstead works, and what some of our traditional and guarantee customers have to say about their transition to passive rental income.

And yes, all of this comes with our backing of services like handling evictions, marketing your property, screening tenants, and handling the renewal process.

Wrapping up: it’s a two-way street

To wrap things up, our journey in property management isn’t a thoughtless, standardized journey. Though we incorporate optimization where it serves best, we add a personal and expert touch to every customer and property we work with. 

We’re not asking for things that are too invasive, we really just want to make sure you have the basics so we can lease out your property at the price that matches it’s best potential. It’s a shared ride with you, our property owners, and tenants. Your thoughts, experiences, and expectations pave the way for where Doorstead goes next.

If you have any additional questions about the rent-ready process, please check out our 24/7 live chat support service, or get in touch with our team at [email protected].

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Ally Gong
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